3A550 (Sea Cat) High-speed Ship-borne Boat

This boat is Amada Company self-developed with independent intellectual property rights for Maritime Surveillance Law Enforcement. Its first model was built in Shandong. And the first trial was ride in 17th March 2013. All the performances have reached or exceeded the design requirements, and the boat has served with maritime surveillance patrol boat in army at present.
The boat adopts deep-V monohull type. Although the dimension is small, the overall performances such as seaworthiness, stability and rapidity have reached the advanced level of similar boats. The hull adopts fiberglass reinforced plastics, and the boat is driven by single high-speed marine diesel engine and single water jet. The main dimensional parameters include: L.O.A :5.90 m, total width — 1.94 m, depth moulded : 1.02 m ;maximum speed : 32.6 knots (See the datasheet for details).

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Post time: Apr-08-2013