AMADA developed more than 500 models delivered for worldwide customers, which are widely used in inland rivers ,lakes ,shelter area, coastal waters as well as in offshore waters for purpose of traffic, government departments, SAR, coast guard, maritime patrol, Ship-borne work, piloting, Fire department, sightseeing, passenger transport, maritime patrol, customs inspection and project O&M etc..


    Main Designing Features


    AMADA boats deliver an unparalleled fast speed, with the maximum speed to be 70 knots or above, 0.6~6.2 knots faster than any competing boats of similar dimensions, displacements and powers, providing highly efficient water transport tools for various government agencies to conduct such tasks as maritime supervision, smuggling suppression and law enforcement.

    With our innovative variable angle, hydrofoil and bow-shock-absorption technologies, AMADA provides a high speed driving in sea waves while achieving a cushion-like, vibration-reduction and shock absorption effect, delivering higher handling stability and riding comfort ability as compared with competing boats in similar high sea waves.
  • Superior operability and reliability

    AMADA non-conventional boats feature a wide propeller-rudder space, 1.4~4.3 times wider than competing boats of similar dimensions, providing 1.3~2.6 times better maneuverability, with incomparable handling stability, side slip resistance, heaving and pitching performance. In particular, the optimized hull-engine-propeller matching provides a high system efficiency and reduced failure rate and maintenance cost.
  • Outstanding performance on Cost-effectiveness

    AMADA’s wave-suppression boats feature a faster gliding start, less speed losses, more environmental friendly and more energy savings, with a 15%~22% of engine power saving as compared with competing boats of similar dimensions, displacements and speeds. Full lifecycle management ensures the benefit of improved high performance and reduced construction cost, energy consumption, operational and maintenance cost, resulting in unprecedented cost effectiveness.
  • Stylish Profile Design

    AMADA has always kept the cultural tastes and man-machine harmony in mind, and formulated its own styles of profile design based on boat usages and functions, providing either a smooth and streamlined profile or a tough and powerful design with wide views, delivering a perfect combination of function and design, form and content.
  • Reputable and Ensured Service

    Along with its industry leading boat technologies, AMADA enjoys a world-class reputation and image through many years of collaborative and considerate service. We always attach great importance to the user interests and provide all-round technical consulting services on demand, including some technical problems of other competing boats to maximize the customer benefits.


Our products will deliver unforgettable experiences for you, every product we designed and crafted with meticulous attention to detail, so whether you needs, our design will show you the amazing performance, and you will realize AMADA is your best choice.


Fujian, China

Fujian, China

"3A1457e Super High-speed Patrol boat is designed by AMADA, the average speed of this boat is 55 knots, the full of performance is totally satisfied the demands of frontier defense department. "
Jiangsu, China

Jiangsu, China

"AMADA accepted our commission to design the 3A1807 Inshore Super high speed Patrol Boat, the first model was built in Changzhou Jiangsu and the first trial was ride on in March 2015."
Zhejiang, China

Zhejiang, China

"AMADA is an amazing designer, and they helped us win the bidding of China Customs!AMADA can present the best explanation on high-speed boat! "