AMADA offers design services in a number of formats and levels and has worked with customers in a variety of ways on past projects. As a result, our design services can be adapted and tailored to suit particular Project, Owner or Yard requirements.
AMADA is commissioned by the Owner/Yard to R&D a new boat or full model change design which are tailored to their needs. AMADA has long-term cooperation relationship with more than 160 Chinese Yards, which can assist the customers in the tendering or original process to select a suitable yard to build the new design.AMADA is commissioned by the client/yard for design a new boat with a contract.
The following methods in which we work with customers are outlined below:
According to the requirements that clients provided,AMADA offers the existing the similar product introductions for clients as the references for getting further information about our design ability,experiences and product performances.
After the contract comes into effect, AMADA processes the concept design:
- Specific Product Introduction
- Specifications
- General Arrangement Plan
- The detail order lists of Main Materials, Main Engines and Electrical equipment
- Impression Drawing
- Tender Support (If participated in bidding, AMADA offers the whole biding drawings and documents based on the tender book, then charges on the design level and difficulty.)
AMADA Starts the design for whole drawings and calculations that based on the clients approved.
- Specific Pattern Drawings and documents of General Arrangement Plan and Performance
- Specific Pattern Drawings and documents of Construction
-Specific Pattern Drawings and documents of Outfitting
- Specific Pattern Drawings and documents of Propulsion System
-Specific Pattern Drawings and documents of Electrical Equipment , Navigation and Communication System
- Related Calculation Statements
AMADA provide the professional technical support for clients/yards,assist the yard solved the difficulty in building and approval process.
Based on the best reputation, top technology and worldwide customers in this professional area, AMADA can offer more opportunities to help our clients do the further promotion and achieve the maximization of customers benefits.