AMADA developed more than 300 models delivered for worldwide customers, which are widely used in inland rivers ,lakes ,shelter area, coastal waters as well as in offshore waters for purpose of traffic, government departments, SAR, coast guard, maritime patrol, Ship-borne work, piloting, Fire department, sightseeing, passenger transport, maritime patrol, customs inspection and project O&M etc.. The length of boats is from 3.5m~62m (11.5feet~203.4feet), the speed is from 6.5knots~74.2knots (12km/h~130 km/h), which are covering various hull types ranging from monohull , catamaran, trimaran, pentamaran, and the boat materials are including in aluminum alloy, FRP/GRP, steel, steel-aluminum composition, and steel-FRP composition. AMADA can provide fully customized boat designs to address different user demands by using the short time, develop various conventional and non-conventional boat types with high speed to satisfied requirements of special water areas, for instance, ultra-shallow-drought(<0.4m) and high-altitude area, or other specific needs like armored, commercial, police or even military uses(bulletproof).